Welcome to Pokémon Sky An introduction.

Pokémon Sky is an ongoing Pokémon fanfic written by myself–Suikun–that tells the story of two twins on their Pokémon adventure in the region of Ouranos. The story is episodic–meaning each chapter makes up the equivalent of a Pokémon anime episode.

The Story

Excitement is buzzing throughout the region of Ouranos as the Pokémon Championships are kicking off a new and highly-anticipated season of Pokémon gym battles and tournaments. But something sinister is stirring in the dark. People and Pokémon are vanishing as a dangerous enemy is hunting for… something.

Ren and Cristal have every reason to win the Ouranos Championships, and they intend to take their spunky–albeit novice–teams of Pokémon to the end. Winning could mean regaining respect for themselves, especially after scandal and tragedy placed them in an unwanted spotlight. But the path to winning is a sometimes challenging, lonely, and dangerous one.

Pokémon Sky is a new Pokémon adventure, true to the spirit of the Pokémon adventures found in the official games, anime, and comics–while exploring themes of family, media, and identity.

The Plan

I intend for this to be a long-term project. I originally thought I’d write half, or even the entire, fic before posting anything online. But I’ve decided that this is something I’d rather share as I go.

The story is one I’ve had swimming in my mind since I was a child, when I acted out my own Pokémon adventures in my backyard using nothing but my imagination. I had developed a full and complete story as a kid, and I think that’s why it’s stuck with me over a decade later.

Of course, the story’s evolved a lot as I’ve matured. But the core of what the story was exists to this day. I know where the characters and plots are going–this isn’t a story I’m making up as I go along.

As for the “feel” and tone of Pokémon Sky, I see it as a traditional Pokémon adventure someone might experience while watching the official anime. Only, I intend for the story to build toward something and revolve around certain themes. That’s my biggest gripe with the anime: it’s just adventure after adventure with no true development of characters, plot, or themes. I intend to keep the original spirit of the anime while building characters and hopefully leading the reader to a satisfying conclusion. I know this isn’t an original idea in Pokémon fanfiction. But it’s something I want to try my hand at.

I don’t have an official plan as far as a schedule and calendar goes. I’m going to go with the flow. However, as of right now (the end of 2017), I hope to at least put out two episodes a month. Based off my current outline, the entirety of the story will be composed of 32 episodes (that could change). Depending on how well I keep this up, I’d also like to write either a novella or short novel that would be the equivalence of a Pokémon film–we’ll see if I get that far.

I’m open to comments and critiques. Don’t think that because I have an outline and plan of the entire story, I’m closed to reader feedback. While I have the story planned, I’ve learned from experience that sometimes these things take a mind of their own and go places you weren’t anticipating.

One more thought before I send you off…

Ouranos is my fan-made Pokémon region and the setting of this story. The name may not be incredibly original (it’s an obvious reference to the Greek personification of the sky), but I like it and I think it sort of fits the aesthetic of official Pokémon regions. Where fakemon are concerned, there are only a handful in this fic. My original idea was to create upwards to 100 fakemon to populate Ouranos. But as I’ve played Pokémon fan-games and read other fanfictions, I’ve realized I’m not a huge fan of fakemon. That said, there are several that exist in this story, but I intend to keep them limited. The majority of the Pokémon populating Ouranos are official Pokémon from the games and anime. I might be a bit biased toward the first three generations…

So for now, just call me Suikun.

Thanks for reading this introduction. I’m looking forward to exploring Ouranos with you.

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