[cate of clear far characteristic] – of name of _ phyletic _

Love to go vacationing the person of travel is divided go appreciating different view, same meeting is right the characteristic cate characteristic of this locality loves ten minutes, every reach a lot of people an area is to savour this locality local speciality. Mention characteristic of remote town cate clear, have very big must respecting cuts far chicken clear in vain, it is one makes what the person cannot refuse delicate and goluptious from color, sweet, flavour, and the method of taste and other chicken is very different also. In addition, the knife cuts Ci also is a characteristic cate of quiet remote town euqally. 1, Bai Qieqing far chickenIt is a quiet remote town’s famousest fascia dish, also be each tourist comes a dish that this is sure to savour. The course of action of its extraordinary maintained the former juice raw ingredient of clear far chicken, give attention to two or morethings of sweet, slippery, bright, fat and not mouth of be bored with, taste is weak goluptious! Game eating chicken arrives clear far chicken village, although the environment here is general, but flavour first-rate however, flavour the beauty with bavin chicken. 2, the knife cuts CiIt is this locality of quiet remote town everybody most a endearment characteristic is fastfood, with the group sticking rice that rub shows cut is become, with lean lean of goose juice, pig makings,

Xue Dou, Yan alizarin red is boiled together, have goose sweet sneak away quite again slippery, meaning making a person still was not used up! This kind of characteristic is fastfood nowadays also be to have on booth of market of quiet remote city buy. 3, dried meat dogWith dried meat egg, also be one of eyebrow continent bacon. Use the fat dog that 2.5Kg weighs to 3.5Kg, had slaughtered clean go bone, with fry dry broken salt to bloat; After bloating, clean with warm boiled water again, air basks in water, drench ginger watery wine, the candy on besmear and sanded ginger pink建筑模板价格表; Subsequently modelling is designed, blow dry. Dog of Dong Bei dried meat is tender, bright, sweet, go raw meat or fish is not oily, but evaporate can be fried. It is this locality everybody relatively endearment a dish type. 4, beef of eyebrow continent airingThe dish type of flavour of another eyebrow continent is beef of eyebrow continent airing, of cole of this the daily life of a family have long history, be in bright in 10 thousand past years (1573, 1619) just began to make below the circumstance, add meat of flocks and herds various condiment to be baked with carbolic fire string, have taste removing sweet beauty, and also very have chew interest. 5, boreal river bright banquetIt is to fly the fascia dish with gorge the famousest district, it is main material with delicacy of fresh north river, phyletic and a lot of, cooking skill with steamed dominant, add ginger of saline oily green again again this kind of basic dressing, flavour taste is weak, delicate! 6, old chic中空模板AEken BaoIt is dish of a nourishing preserve one’s health, use the bavin chicken that remote town this locality produces clear, the section after butcher, dangshen, big jujube, medlar, yam, bamboo shoot is added after be being fried slightly piece wait for dressing stew to come soft pliable but strong is measurable, take by chaffy dish means. Gallinaceous flavour is grumous, and wind of Xiao of nourishing preserve one’s health. 7, strong domestic crisp chickenIt is strong cate of characteristic of a traditional pattern, it is crucial raw material with chicken, via bloating after be soiled, scamper becomes the chicken of black any of several hot spice plants with golden crisp color piece, deserve to go up chaffy dish of fish of pickled Chinese cabbage. Dish is tasted江门建筑模板公司 soft tender, the flesh has vegetable more, soup meat and fish dishes cooperates each other, old little Xian Yi. 8, bean curd of 9 drag临沂建筑模板厂on waterIt is 9 Long Zhen’s local speciality, with this locality make it of beans of green water mill of particular green hill, eat come taste is tender slippery, beans is spicy be filled with a mouth, in flower heart well known. If should eat,be sure to arrive to bean curd of sterling 9 dragon water 9 dragon town. 9, east flesh of countryside county evaporateIt is the cate of characteristic of taste of the Hakkas culture that Y建筑模板规格AFing Dexiang takes, pig Nan flesh (or pig foot) use decoct flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil first one blast, add the Bai Sha candy, liquor, dressing such as salt subsequently, the evaporate in be being put into bamboo or wooden utensil for steaming food again is appeared, mix on fry sesame seed, eat a sweet slippery not fat however.

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