Kao of island of day Okinawa photograph explodes again scandal doubt gets tax payment from governmental servomechanism

Japan ” daily newspaper is contemporary ” the report said the magazine on January 14, japanese Okinawa takes on because send out,photograph island Kao instal附近批发模板BHls Yi Zi calendar is disobeyed by doubt ” government service electoral law ” , be suspecte山东省临沂市福瑞建筑模板厂d of disobeying because of problem of loan account flaw after ” execute of political financing plan ” wait for scandal frequency hair, there was new suspicio

n again nowadays. On budget committee of 12 days of B建筑模板oule, insular Kao installs Yi Zi to be pointed out to have imposition circumfluence suspicion.

According to assemblyman of the Democratic Party interpose of big Xi Jian says, the political branch that installs Yi Zi to take up the post of a representing by insular Kao on December 25, 2013, accepted 3 million yen from the international of Japanese school JSL that is open of student studying abroad (add up to a RMB about 170 thousand yuan) contribution. And JSL international was saved from liberal art on January 7, 20凯全木业有限公司13 administer the grant-in-aid that student of Japan of independent administration legal person aided financially an orgnaization to receive about 4 million yen. This orgnaization 2013 year received about 6.193 billion yen from liberal art province. The contribution itself that must come from the orgnaizati建筑模板供应厂家on of the governmental subsidy that receives such a huge sum is very doub石坊木业有限公司tful, more abominable is, the director of JSL is the husband of insular Kao. By this token, critical opinion says the couple conspired to solely pocket national taxes also is not to do not have a truth.

Insular Kao installs Yi Zi to be on the budget committee, relapse to this statement did not offend ” execute of political financing plan ” , but honorary responsibility however unavoidable. Insular Kao installs Yi Z全国建筑模板生产基地i by Okinawa county civilian play calls the An Yi that takes an island child, the political learned man that shows approval to this 50 haze benevolence the comment says: Even if (insular Kao installs Yi Zi) the taxes that adopted wrong step to get a countryman, we also at the end of one’s wits. Besides, the contribute money that the enterprise that takes up the post of a delegate from its husband gets is called circuitous contribution is not beyond the mark also. Her responsibility is originally to hold the political party communicates Okinawa

the opinion of prefectural civilian, but rather, she makes a speec建筑 模板厂家h however the remonstrant activity before calling pa

ir of Shiwabu barback ought to try control. Nowadays, so many problem erupt建筑工程模板s, she ought to assu模板工程是什么工程AXme responsibility to resign immediately. The appointment that brings times prime minister responsibility is oppugned also is manage place ought to.

” daily newspaper is contemporary ” the records says finally, although insular Kao chancellery wants to maintain the position of chancellery anyhow, but her behavior nots allow to excuse. (The exercitation compiles: Should be in charge of go over a manuscript or draft: Ma Li) [round-the-world net reports integratedly]

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