Pakistan police sentry post makes a surprise attack 11 dead class of benefit of 21 injuries tower says to be in charge of

In report occupied new network on January 19 outside intermediary r贵州建筑模板公司eport, local time 19 days, city of Pakistan n

orthwest ministry covers with t品牌建筑模板iles sentry post of a police makes a surprise at供应建筑模板KOtack by

suicidal type b全州模板omb dene in vain, cause 11 people death, 21 people to get hurt. Class of Pakistan tower benefit says to be in charge of t工程模板怎么样o making a surprise attack this.

According to the report, pakistan police o建筑设计报价函格式模板fficer says, the guard that makes a surprise attack by bomb i河北廊坊模板厂联系方式s located in white sanded made of baked clay suburb. Explosion causes 4 polices and 7 civili常用建筑模板an death. 2 children and a local reporter include in dead civilian.

The report says, this assault is carried out by charge

r of bomb of type of a suicide, this person detonated bomb 出售建筑模板ACwhen local superintendent reachs guard.

After assault happening, head Taliban of Pakistan place announce弘旺木业有限公司s to be in charge of to incident.

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