” kill a bluebird ” the author breaths out Po · plum dies die at the age of is 89 years old

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On Feburary 20, BBC (BBC) with network of news of American cable television (CNN) wait for media message to say, because of the novel ” kill a bluebird ” red the writer that alls over the United States Harper plum dies, die at the age of is 89 years old.

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Breath out Po plum

The ma浩晶木业有限公司yor office of city of collect dimension Er confirmed the door of home town Alabama of Harper plum afore-mentioned messages.

The Harper that was born on April 28, 1926 工程建筑模板plum, familiar person calls her Nell, once lived in Er of Alabama door Luo Wei for years in a sanatorium, and this sanatorium leaves her in one’s childhood house place is less than a mile. Breath out the surroundings of Po plum, become ” kill a bluebird ” in that dummy Mei G

ang NMSS-2020海子木业RJis pressed down.

1960, the masterpiece of Harper plum ” kill a bluebird ” publish. This novel wins award of general benefit plan for her, already was translated into a variety of 40 languages up to now, global sales volume exceeds 40 million, it is the United States one of the mo黑豹木业有限公司

st welcome novels on literary history.

In some sense, harper plum is miracle of a book: Support ” kill a bluebird ” score huge suc河北廊坊木模板厂家cess. This book with its epic like narrative, told about Atticus Finch of lawyer of a small town, to save life of a black, and the figh中模木业有限公司t that make.

After 55 years on July 14, 2015, the 2nd ministry novel of Harper plum ” establish watcher ” publish f模板规格AKormally. This is even more since half century, harper plum publishs new book first.

Of 304 pages ” establish watcher ” be ” kill a bluebird ” continuation, proviso stalks of

grain finish be in actually ” kill a bluebird ” before, till last year the autumn just is discovered by everybody.

When haing Po Li Shui: Going up century the fifties metaphase, I finished the name is ” establish watcher ” novel, this book described a heroine Siketefen is strange the story that serves as a grown woman. But my editor however by Scot the story when moves, persuade me to write Scot in one’s childhood story, namely later everybody place is hep ” kill a bluebird ” .

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