Arms of car official special type is exposed to the sun to fight in appraise: Provide information to Russian air attack

Reference news net reported the United States on Feburary 26 the website published Zhanmusiduijijinhui on Feburary 12 an article that strides Er 昌乐三元建筑模板厂not to overcome made of baked clay Qiajiayefu, the problem is ” is troops of car official special type fighting in Syria? ”

, full t木胶板BZext is as follows:

Deny in the Kremlin after Syria has floor unit, lamuzan of Che Chen’s president blocks Deluofu to concern army of car official special type to be in the Russia of acoustical public proclamation of middle east and battle of Mohammedan diplomatic relation to lead a be filled with amazement. The prevue of the first gear program that Russia of Russian Federation TV station designs claims, army of car official special type gets the information of the structural system that concerns Mohammedan country and terrorist number, confirm a target for Russia air attack. In October 2015, the at hand that blocks Deluofu to ever asked Beijing of Russia president general to send him really goes Syria and battle of Mohammedan diplomatic relation, probable Kremlin approved this car official leader offer. Kadeluofu is in Russia say in program, he sent the soldier with this the greatest republic to go there.

However, on Feburary 8, demitelipeisikefu of Russia president spokesman publishs a speech to say with respect to Rus模板有什么品牌sia army problem of Syria, the public ought to above all the statement of department of defense of Russia of believe what one hears, he says the department of defense expresses clearly, the footing of our country government is, we eliminate floor action. Geluocini’s official realizes subsequently, moscow of their acoustical public proclamation is vinegary. Although army of car official special type is participating in Syrian conflict, russia authorities also does not hope apparently this matter fair at numerous. Russia Ministry of Foreign Affairs also refuted Kadeluofu’s view, claim Syria does not have Russia ground armed forces.

After Peisikefu makes a statement, spokesman Aerweikelimofu of Kadeluofu states rapidly, kadeluofu never has said car official unit attends a war in Syria. Say according to Kelimofu, a few young volunteers are in Syria, this is more impossible. Authoritative information personage of Geluocini is clear say, the car official person that is at war in Syria and Iraq and Mohammedan country was not in Russia a建筑模板多少一块EKrmy perhaps enlists in army in constabulary force.

In Wukelandong the ministry ever also had produced same thing before this, at that time car offi山东富贵荣华木业有限公司cial person also is to stand in Russia to be at war with Wu Kelan authorities at the same time. Above all, kadeluofu confirms, his at hand is participating in this conflict, but his spokesman tries to call in later if what he says. Dubasi’s conflict lets be involved in of army of possible car official namely the one part of their plan for Syrian conflict ready-made.

The v/arc drillmaster that comes from group of alpha of army of Russia special type is participated in groomed army of car official special type. Of alpha group before the assistant that husband of Nuo of member Daniel Martin is Kadeluofu. Of army of car official special type new groom the center is built in Gujieermeisi. Kadeluofu hopes to groom this木工模板价格 even the international that the center becomes a safe force trains battalion. Troops of car official special type s建筑腹膜板厂家till joined the training in Syria, syria allows them to be familiar with the environment of middle east. The victory that wins on the contest of international of secure armed forces that army of car official special type holds in Jordan let them establish the image that serves as a new unit, this branch group does not belong to Russian Federation security bureau or information total bureau, and had made the preparation that executes 山东新港木业发展有限公司special type mission in abroad.

The advantage of army of car official special type includes them is Moslem, and look like middle east person. Accordingly, russia government probably deploy of unit of official of first selection car arrives Syria. However, central religion, society and Aliekexiemalash

enkebuzan of safe project chairman are the same as Kaneijimosike this is planted, he says to send a youth to arrive Syria is no-good. However, ” new newspaper ” the word of a message personage says biweekly cite, last year in October, russia army begins the operation in Syria two week hind, 模板规格尺寸GFthe northward camp that 24 soldiers accident leaves Che Chen, northward battalion belongs to Russia Home Office. The message personage of exiled and abroad car official philtrum says, these soldiers went Syria enters a battle as the volunteer.

Home of a few observation expresses, kadeluofu had exposed his spy in Mohammedan country net. In fact, kadeluofu may be done so of purpose, the purpose is to next mistrustful seeds are sowed in Mohammedan country. Now, the car official person that this conspiracy organiz正乔木业有限公司ation may begin distrust to hope to join this organization, worry about those who block Deluofu’s secret service to permeate. Expert of a few Russia reached a more far-reaching even conclusion Kadeluofu’s statement is a signal that Xiang Mosi division issues. However, kadeluofu relies on general Beijing completely, and after paying close attention to the lieutenancy in him to end after a half moon very, be appointed to be president of car official republic afresh. Kadeluofu does not have capital to raise a requirement to Moscow. In fact, if want to be appointed to be Che Chen’s president afresh, he must want to demonstrate the absolutely loyalty to the Kremlin.

Kadeluofu’s statement becomes detailed witness it seems that, show Russia ground armed forces participated in Syrian conflict, and Russia department of defense rejects this kind of argument all the tim

e. When the fact person of proof car official is in what with Ba Sha Er Asade is at war to arm when main effect is being produced in rebel army alliance, the Russian realizes, they ought to make Che Chen organizes neutralization, weaken them in middle east other rebel army organizes medium prestige. Russia official knows, car official person is in of middle east rise abruptly will affect the condition with Caucasian north sooner or later, there been beening an underground opposition to arm here. Muscovite officials believe, the Che Chen’s person that fights in middle east will take them finally new obtained fighting skill, experience and the relation with other Bolshevik return Russia.

(original title: Does troops of car official special type fight in appraise? Outside intermediary: Horror is organized or be immersed in panic)

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