The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Human rights is not catchword, not be to be used more use the tool that press

Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on March 25 report (reporter Dong Xue, Sun 咬合桩导墙模板出租BWNan) Hua Chunying of spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in 25 days beautiful when opinion on public affairs of experience human rights answered a reporter to quiz a few days ago, just express, human rights is not catchword, not be to be used more use the tool that press, should reflect go up in real operation.

Hua Chunying says, a few politician of American are a center with clannish politics interes

t, care about the anyway of ordinary people far from.

She says, beautiful square keep on saying says to take individual human rights and freedom seriously, so start a war to sovereign state home when American for no reason, cause death of hundred thousands of person, countless people breaking up one’s family, become destitute and homeless when, had they cared the individual高唐县众发木业有限公司 human rights of these national people and freedom? When t建筑模板厂家价格表he United States on this world most develop, the country with the most advanced condition of the richest, medical treatment, override politics on science, allow to lose precious life by people of 50 much United States, person of several ten million loses medical treatment to be sure, when children of 1/6 American, 1/4 United States is faced with hungry menace, had they cared the individual human rights of American people and freedom? When diffuse of opinion on public affairs of beautiful square indulgent the colour bar, indulge police executes the law to colour force, look at Fuluoyide helplessly people cannot breathe, look at inferio

r descendants is discriminated against, when be being killed even by attack, the individual human rights of the people that had they cared these to suffer systematization the colour bar and the pain that hate guilt and freedom? Run rampant when American firearms the problem is long procrastinate not definitely, when one year more than 41500 more than person dies at pop, had they cared the individual human rights of these victims and freedom?

Hua Chunying says, on March 23, the 46th times the conference passed board of U.N. human rights China refers cooperative win-win resolution is promoted in human rights domain, appeal each country holds to multilateral creed, constructive dialogue and collaboration are begun in human rights domain, drive compose昌乐三元建筑模板厂 to build human destiny community, this made clear the cry of the general desire of international society and world people and justice adequately.

We also notice, when board of U.N. human rights discusses American cou

ntry to fasten human rights to report this year, 1廊坊建筑模板公司10 many countries offerred criticism to human rights problem of the United States. Board of U.N. human rights a few special reports member the problem suc建筑工地模板作用KAh as group of minority of the poverty that criticizes American home existence for many times, discrimination. Hua Chunying says, the hope is beautiful square and the ally of a few its wests can affectation of slam the door, proud with double standard, face up to the human rights problem of oneself, take cogent action improvement and safeguard rights of man.

Foreign media is the closest exposure the photograph that border land of a group of beautiful Chinese ink detains a center temporarily, indication children are crowded sleep on thin rug, be short of the garment to be fed less. Critical personage thinks, beautiful government treats immigrant special not human nature is changed, children and parental departure, criticise beautiful government does not allow media to enter detain a center to interview, dare not face up to this kind of humanitarian crisis. I also saw concerned picture, make a person distressed really. Hua Chunying says when quizing related the answer.

Media of her cite United States reports, 21 people died in American emigrant jail 2020. In 266000 emigrant children that are detained by American government in last few years,出售建筑模板 25000 much people are detained to exceed 100 days, nearly 1000 people spent a year of many time in refugee asylum, much person is exceeded 5 years by take into 启工木业有限公司custody.

Should be beautiful square otherwise investigated thoroughly and chase潍坊鑫源板业 after to relevant personnel duty? Should Ou Fang want to disobey the behavior of human rights to undertak特级模板SHe punish to the United States? Hua Chunying says.

Original title: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Human rights is not catchword, not be to use more apply the tool responsibility editor that press: Ceng Shaolin

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