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Papaya is a kind of fresh fruit that bears a lady to love, because very much nutrition element is contained in papaya, element of this kind of nutrition can the skin maintains, long-term sex eats papaya to get a word, the lady detects surprisingly the ski建筑模板那家好n more and more more meticulous. And storing below the circumstance of papaya, store in the environment that also ought to put dry impetuous as far as possible, otherwise papaya decays very easily degenerative mildew changes. Chinese flowering quince of the disclosure in the full course that that Zuo takes papaya sends suffering, can you still eat again? Does papaya send suffering to be able to eatMelon of melon alias breast. Fruit is in unbaked before, if use a penknife to be on fruit equalize knife, meet namely eduction is ivory milk, reason the melon is breast of the name. Papaya is a kind of common fruit, flesh tangerine, smell is sweet. Reason has the papaya austral Guangdong mountain say. Papaya of another name for fruit of 10 thousand birthday, papaya contains element of a lot of β introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Luo Bo, very crucial to human body, β Hu Luobo element is a kind pure natural antioxidant, can reasonable resistance destroys the body the regular system cell, mine that makes the body quickens consenescence is acerbity bas山东大州建筑模板有限公司e. Papaya must choose according to your mouthfeel, like which sort for example. The way that picks papaya commonly is the following: If the papaya that buys needs to eat that day word, fizzle out completely with respect to the body that choose melon appear, the slowly abdomen that presses melon is a little soft feel, be know sth thoroughly. Choose papaya to want to choose melon abdomen big, melon abdomen confirms papaya flesh is thick greatly, because papaya is the most delicate, is a that of melon abdomen. Still can see melon the base of a fruit, if be the papaya that new Zuo picks, melon the base of a fruit still can continue the juice like breast of eduction elephant ox, the condition that you can treat melon the base of a fruit comes inference melon is new Zuo . 建筑木方生产厂家BFIf the melon of not new Zuo is met,have acrid. The effect of papaya and action Aid digestion of 1. be good at tasteCan be adipose combustion mode

rn science of oleic acid; to detect, ferment of a kind of fruit is contained in papaya, can digest absorb albumen, be beneficial to the body to digest and be absorbed to feeding material to begin, reason has the meritorious service of aid digestion of be good at taste. 2. fights epidemic disease wormPapaya is alkaline with papaya albumen enzymatic have fight n/med tuberculosis bacterium to be like,reach the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome that crack a head the effect such as protozoon of tapeworm, helminth, whipworm, amoeba, 3. urges breast to prevent cancerThe curd in melon is enzymatic have the effect that urge b饰品点钻模板BIreast, papaya is alkaline have the meritorious service that 海子模板有公司公司resists septicemia of lymph node sex, reason is usable treat lymphatic sex septicemia with urging breast to reach (hematic cancer) .

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