[Pu'er tea can fill kidney] - of effect of _ action _

Small green mandarin orange is to be in China a kind of relatively famous tea, not only because small green mandarin orange drinks taste removing relaxed, because small green mandarin orange can see a doctor,return, it is to be aimed at hypertension very, the patient of tall blood fat, constant tipple Pu'er tea has fall blood pressure, reduce the effect of hematic fat, but do not suit to drink Pu'er tea before sleep, can affect the person's Morpheus, make a person more and more excited, does that Zuo drink Pu'er tea to you can fill kidney Zhuang Yang? Small green mandarin orange with its particular function be agreed with by everybody, in the job busy everybody of a day, a lot of meetings search a quiet small tea building to sit, hearing the song of peaceful simple but elegant, taste on one cup of small green mandarin orange, also some of person often also drinks Pu'er tea in the home, say to have fall hematic fat, delay the action such as consenescence. Also because hear has the effect of Zhuang Yang filling kidney,somebody drinks Pu'er tea is. Do this kind call a law to found really? The effect that analyses small green mandarin orange! 1, small green mandarin orange is in the action in theory of foundation of doctor of traditional Chinese medicineBe in early " gleaning of detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " in can have " Pu'er tea creams black like lacquer, see alcoholic drink the first. Emerald person more actor, aid digestion relieves a cough expectorant, clear stomach promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, strength is especially great also " rec大地木业有限公司ord and narrate. Besides, medicine still feels small to green mandarin orange has clear hot detoxify, solution additionally in poison of heat, dispel, aid digestion, go be bored with, benefit filling empty of wind of bowel of wet, embellish, expectorant, Xiao , relieve a cough expectorant promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, raise blood, lengthen life delay year wait for action. This kind calls a law see no harm in hearing what will be said, become tea after all medical Zuo is to need process of a few production. Modern science studies to the science of Pu'er tea effect gotten result is more coxcombical, namely small green mandarin orange has raise a stomach, reduce weight thin body, fall hematic fat, avoid arteriosclerosis, prevent coronary heart disease, fall blood pressure, defer consenescence, prevent cancer, fall the hematic fat, diminish inflammation that fight bacterium, alleviate smoke poison, alleviate heavy metal exceeds bid poisonous, radiation-proof, and amid raises a stomach, reduce weight thin body, fall hematic fat, avoid arteriosclerosis, prevent coronary heart disease, fall blood pressure, defer consenescence, prevent cancer, fall the action of hematic fat especially dash forward show. 2, the pink of beneficial unripe bacterium in small green mandarin orange has distinct effectThe increase that rich and colorful still contains in sending mellow Pu'er tea ripe tea gives birth to bacterium pink, have very tall nutrition part. And 建筑模板规格及尺寸the beneficial of small green mandarin orange gives birth to bacterium pink many groups be the whole proc润鹏木业有限公司ess generation that in Pu Er ripe tea delivers alcohol. The basis sends alcohol, below the effect that plants in microbial bacterium, the compound such as acid of ammonia of the fragrance component in leaf of a bitter edible plant, tea produced tectonic changeover, can show go out original the tea character trait of charm and healthy preserve one's health are actual the effect. 3, drink Pu'er tea to also have a few otherer actionFor example: Fall hematic fat, reduce weight 山东大州建筑模板有限公司thin body,

fall blood pressure, fight arteriosclerosis, fight cancer, 祥石木业有限公司prevent cancer, be good at lienal raise a stomach, protect liver to protect liver, be good at tooth to protect tine, diminish inflammation, eliminate bacterium, treat dysenteric, defer consenescence theseDrinking Pu'er tea also is to have side effect1, drink Pu'er tea dazedThis person body quality, oneself is right leaf of a bitter edible plant relatively what bubble of leaf of a bitter edible plant of more sensitive; gets is too thick; thing takes too less, abdominal sky causes dizzy tea possibly also. 2, drink diarrhoea of Pu'er tea momentIt is the body to feeding capable person newly should whole process, because of the person different. If human body was blended in, Zuo can be drunk again, the person of Pu'er tea of first time drink suggests to drink bubble finally the 2nd times, or it is to drink bubble a bit weaker small green mandarin orange, in that way human body is relatively special and light blend in. 3, drink Pu'er tea influence to digest absorbHollow drink tea but diluent hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, reduce digestive absorption, the tannin in small green mandarin orange can prevent hindering bowel mucous membrane to be absorbed to the assimilation that iron makes, because this meeting influence enrichs the blood,fill enrage practical effect, also few number makes the example of original stomach trouble aggravate gives . 4, drink Pu'er tea to cause insomniaBecause small green mandarin orange has,alleviate fatigue action, because this insomnia patient should prevent,tea is drunk before sleep. Drink Pu'er tea to have a lot of profit to everybody really, but not certain also thing is only good on one hand, also saw, drinking Pu'er tea also is to have a few side effect, be a harm to everybody, return additionally ought to clear, not certain advantageous to the person thing has the effect of Zhuang Yang filling kidney, if want to often drink Pu'er tea,Lai Zhuangyang fills kidney, that Zuo may be to good luck did not achieve eye land.

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