[milk and leek can eat together] - of contraindication of food of _ of _ food recuperation

Bovine breast follows three-colored amaranth can eat together, these 2 kinds of food eat to affect the health of body and mind of human body not easily together, and bovine breast contains a lot of protein, it is the protein origin that human body needs, and three-colored amaranth is can of Zhuang Yang filling kidney, also filling shade hairdressing protects the practical effect of skin, but three-colored amaranth can have not建筑订模板 been taken much, give the state of easy get angry in case. Follow three-colored amaranth in the light of bovine breast these 2 kinds of food, we all can set his mind at to eat together, but want advertent three-colored amaranth,cannot arrive in order to put to eat together with what food. Three-colored amaranth and what can eat togetherThree-colored amaranth lukewarm sex, have filling kidney Zhuang Yang the action that hairdressing of this world of lukewarm fill

ing kidney, filling shade protects skin, additionally three-colored amaranth arises to the body most the action of be successful is its embellish bowel the working ability of aperient defecate, consequently three-colored amaranth also is to have " the grass that wash bowel " say, but in the full course that taking, three-colored amaranth and what can eat together? Manufacturing three-colored amaranth on the west orchid vaccine diarrhoea. These 2 kinds of vegetable fruits are shed feeding habits feed capable person, both takes effect of bowel having profit together, easy cause diarrhoea. It is better to be fed more below costive circumstance, because of this three-colored amaranth cannot with orchid is fed together on the west. Influence of vaccine of garlic bolt of manufacturing three-colored amaranth is digested absorb. Oneself three-colored amaranth is one kind relatively indigestible absorb feed capable person, if supplement garlic bolt eats together, both is to cannot be digested completely those who absorb feed capable person, bowel of adverse person stomach is digested absorb, cause indigestion very easily. Three-colored amaranth of vaccine of flesh of flocks and herds of manufacturing three-colored amaranth can be not mixed beef eats together, because beef and leek are the food that digests, flesh of flocks and herds is had be good at lienal raise what stomach, filling gas enrichs the blood to feed capable person, be like supplement three-colored amaranth the food of this kind of lukewarm sex together, cause bromatoxism very easily, the likelihood causes diarrhoea. Vaccine of alcoholic drink of pure food of manufacturing three-colored amaranth is easy intestines and stomach of suffer from excessive internal heat is unwell feeling. Laborious of pleasant of pure food alcoholic drink is a bit bitter, the 建筑模板多少钱一块AEgender is popular, spirituosity makes an appointment with 建筑工程模板60% fluctuation, in the body by hepatic metabolism. Laborious of three-colored amaranth sex is lukewarm, can fill invigorate the circulation of blood of kidney Zhuang Yang changes Yu. If eat alcoholic drink of pure food of unripe leek drink, as pour oil on the fire, long feed use blood, abstain from especially. Vaccine of pure honey of manufacturing three-colored amaranth has circulatory system of blood of meeting block the way together, cause tinnitus very easily also to wait toxic state, after consequently the proposal takes three-colored amaranth, 30 minutes of ability take span pure honey. The crucial part; that calcium is being contained to measure; calcium in producing three-colored amaranth ox to breed vaccinal ox breeds is compositive skeleton and tooth is arrogant breast and contain oxalic acid much three-colored amaranth mix up is taken, the assimilation that can affect calcium is absorbed. Vaccine of skin of dried of manufacturing three-colored amaranth affects what battalion nurturance divides to digest absorb. Vaccine of flesh of flocks and herds of manufacturing three-colored amaranth eats together very easy and toxic, can breed with labour and rouse juice dispel poison. Can leek and milk eat togetherLeek and milk can not eat together. Calcic amount is contained in bovine breast. Calcium is the basis that forms skeleton and tooth. Bovine breast and contain the three-colored amaranth mix up with much oxalic acid to take, can arise not the oxalic acid of dissolve is calcic, the assimilation that affects calcium is absorbed. The calcium that rich and colorful contains in bovine breast, albumen, vitaminic wait for nutrient element, dietetics home hints, grandma of drink of health of body and mind should pay attention to supplement, bovine breast does not suit to feed material to be taken toge天津建筑模板公司ther with 3 kinds. It is an ox breast and three-colored amaranth or orchid can not eat together on the west, bovine breast and contain the vegetable fruit mix up with much oxalic acid to take, the assimilation that can affect calcium is absorbed. 2 it is bovine breast and acidity fruit can not eat together. 80% above are the albumen in bovine breast serum albumen, if be below condition of soda acid sex, serum albumen Yi Ning writtens guarantee, cause indigestion or diarrhoea, taking bovine breed consequently or milk products around controls a hour not to su盛和木业有限公司it to take acidity fruit up and down. 3 it is bovine breast and Zhuguli eat since unwell syncretic. Bovine breast contains albumen and calcium, oxalic acid is contained in Zhuguli, both is taken additionally can cause oxalic acid calcium, the assimilation that affects calcium is absorbed. What replace warm boiled water to take medicine with bovine breast to some people is chronic, authoritative expert hints, bovine breast is in very easily medical surface layer produces film of a cover, the calcium in making suckle, magnesium mineral produce chemical change with medicines and chemical reagents, produce water dissolve material, affect efficacy of a drug then release come and digest absorb. Consequently, in take medicine around need not suck the breast one hour or so. The food of pregnant woman is tie-in and common problemPregnant woman food needs Buddhist monastic discipline to drop wine, grind the coffee, tea drink that contains theine and alcohol part now. Need those who promote a variety of vitamins to absorb, promote calcic, iron, zinc, iodine to wait to be absorbed minerally, the folic acid between bosom pregnancy piece 1.5 times during intake crosses the pregnant that be not a bosom high. The dietary structure between lactation follows during be pregnant same, and the iron that outflow needs when needing to absorb production is made and high grade protein, also want those who promote albumen to absorb, promotion lactate. Mom are in before taking medicine, must tell the state that doctor oneself has nursed actively, facilitating doctor gives out appropriate take the drug that feed or reach feed feed a proposal, prevent medicines and chemical reagents to enter little baby body according to milk, hurt child health then.

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