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the person that is aimed at change district actually, chao Tianjiao is a kind put wonderfully have, eat instead of day day any of several hot spice plants can body platoon is poisonous, but eat much Zuo is pair of human body harms. 1, although Chao Tianjiao is full of nutrient composition, have crucial effect and effect again, but take overmuch instead harm is healthy. 2, mucous membrane of because overmuch chili element will be strong excitant intestines and stomach, make peristalsis of haematoma of its aspect ratio, bowel is quickened, cause gastralgia, bellyacke, diarrhoea to make anal mouth calcination is prickled, cause enteron disease, stimulative haemorrhoid bleeds. Consequently, every suffers from the disease such as esophagitis, gastroenteritis, gastric ulcer and its haemorrhoid, all should eat less or ban any of several hot spice plants of day taking day. 3, every a person of extraordinary powers overcomes Chao Tianjiao vitaminic C co祥石木业有限公司mposition achieves 198mg, the first when reside vegetable fruit. The mineral composition such as vitamin B2, Hu Luobo element and its calcium, iron also relatively rich and colorful. Chao Tianjiao can reduce thorax cold painful, return mucous membrane of can excitant oral cavity, the bowel that causes a stomach wriggles, drive saliva metabolization, increase appetite, hurried is digested. 4, the nutrient part that Chao Tianjiao contains rich and colorful, amid is vitaminic C composition rich and colorful. 5, Chao Tianjiao can promote body blood circulatory system, improve body heart function, those who be helpful for the blood sugar 新松木业有限公司in blood-vessel is cleared, accelerate basal metabolis undertake. The female often eats hot harmIt is a lady not only, oneself of day day any of several hot spice plants is to have chili element, it is intestines and stomach of injury of liver of very easy injury. 1, the tuckahoe effect because of Chao Tianjiao is big laborious popular, wait for hot symptom because of furuncle of this pinkeye, toothache, guttural gall, haemoptysis, sore, or tuberculosis is the hypertensive disease of flourishing of fire of deficiency of yin with irritability, ill, also Ying Shen is fed. 2, impetuous is deficiency of yin with irritability of hot, kidney, cold perspire wetly, easily, pregnant woman does not suit to often eat excitant food with respect to affirmation, or can add on heat lukewarm, fire of dry of aggravating thermal current, mouth is dry thirsty, face is red, calorific wait for unwell feeling, undesirable effect is potential more more serious. 3, ev

en if is cold base personnel, also want to press oneself health condition to dine appropriately, meet as a result of overfeeding thermal current, can perspire at any time and place particularly much, outflow of your wa工地施工模板红HFter portion, throat aches, gall of flesh of unripe flying grow, tooth, instead is fed piece combat practical effect, accordingly in have spicy hot chaffy dish 9 times, add oil of a few chili, regard dressing as Yi Ke with Chao Tianjiao with, but also should not dine everyday. 4, have chili too much and cause constipation to get a word, can appear cause the risk sex with phlogistic accessory, and even still can continue to cause oviduct to jam, the influence is pregnant. 5, can give to be not moved via painful, menstruation wait for a state. Have hot common problem1, chili element metabolizes according to nephritic function, have certain stimulative effect to nephritic function, if the person of kidney empty often has chili, pressure of function of meeting aggravate kidney. 2, the person that suffer from chronic cholecystitis personally should ban the excitant food such as sauce of alcoholic drink of any of several hot spice plants of day taking day, pure food, mustard, because this kind feeds capable person all the effect that stimulating gastric juice meta新型建筑模板实用吗DFbolizes, easy bring about bravery assist furl, cause bravery angina. 3, Chao Tianjiao has建筑模板规格 a lot of profit, take health of advantageous body and mind appropriately. 4, taking Chao Tianjiao too much is not to the; of side-effect did not suffer from personally especially: System of reproduction of make water of the nephrosis, hypertensive, secrete that overflow a gender is affected, the patient such as the ulcer of chronic gastritis, digestibility, angina that overflow a gender and flat conductor agnail, dermatosis and haemorrhoid, should eat less or should not eat had better, in case aggravate state of illness.

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