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Little baby complementary feed additive time to be below the circumstance of nine month, darling complementary feed the condition that imposes at the beginning next answering with congee kind dominant, and add congee kind not OK and overmuch, daily number raises darling 2 times at most complementary feed, or the assimilation that can affect little baby absorbs a state. Little baby complementary feed the circumstance in at noon and its night can choose to fall between additive , feed of pure mother milk chooses between other subsequently, and baby complementary feed adding is by arrive less much, not OK one-time add overmuch darling complementary feed. Darling complementary feed increase orderLittle baby comes to 6 months big, it is to be able to give baby complementary feed add, the abdominal ability of little in that way baby is OK and satiate, want to be able to eat more nutrient composition, not easy at a draught with respect to abdomen hunger. To darling complementary feed additive condition to fall, want to take means seriously to follow a method, do not suit to have a thing to the child at will. That Zuo , darling comple

mentary feed is increasing order how? Darling will to 6 months fluctuate to be able to give them to have a few baby complementary fed, had not grown because of the enteron of darling growth is good, in complementary feed additive condition to fall still should remember from arrive less much, from rare to thick basic standard. Having baby to the child at the beginning complementary below the circumstance that feed, can choose fruit juice, greens fruit juice, view examining a child is to be able to be admitted. If the child can be admitted, go eating congee of paste of rice of millet soup, baby, millet to it again these darling complementary feed. In promote darling to darling at the beginning complementary below the circumstance that feed, mouthfeel should s建筑模板生产基地BIlant without fail weak slant weak, cannot enough adult eats what salty degree, pol, eat what to the child salty spend or pol. At the beginning be unable to get something 建筑多层模板公司to eat of the child below the circumstance is the darling of how many complementary feed, crucial Zuo is with milk or dominant of infantile milk powder, be潍坊荣雅木业有限公司cause this does not need,prepare ahead of schedule overmuch. Still remember to be raised to the child more feed capable person newly, can every time has a lot of things to the child, ensure all sorts of nutrition composition can be absorbed. Darling complementary feed increase a levelDarling complementary the thing that eats the darling that is 6 months above to be sure to want to eat, it still does not have the circumstance of occlusive job ability to fall in little baby, can produce stronger nutrient part to darling, also can allow the development with little more able-bodied baby. Mere darling is having baby complementary below the circumstance that feed, want to be able to take seriously increase a level, the net makes up you to introduce darling in detail complementary feed increase a level. 1, arrive by pure sex mix up. The child blends in darling complementary feed big essentials a week fluctuates, accordingly every add on one kind of new baby complementary when feeding, needed to eat a week to fluctuate plus, view check next children to be admitted, this kind of darling complementary feed the problem that can create allergy of poor still skin giving to wait. 2, by rare arrive stiff. Want as far as possible from stream feed just began, arrive to flow partly again subsequently feed, arrive again subsequently solid state, it should have the whole process of class of a layer, asymptotic without fail. Had not grown in child children deciduous teeth previously, feed material to want to be done finely as far as possible fine fine fine, child children deciduous teeth comes out to have decline job capacity, the talent that feed capable person is enough to wide variation. 3, quantity by arrive less much. Have baby at the beginning complementary child every time can have the possibility below the circumstance that feed only small spoon or one spoon, the state that partner has as the child gradually the promotion of the ground. How much is still remembering need not coercing the child has, the child has is to more or less be about how much is its eat, the child does not like to eat some kind to feed what material also need not enforce to eat to them. Darling complementary feed add The darling with 6 big months can have a few baby moderately complementary feed, eat according to giving baby complementary feed, make little baby OK the nutrient part that derive reachs to feed material to go up in great quantities. Darling complementary feeding is darling daily need to eat, have baby merely complementary the control that good land also has needed between the that feed, unfavorable chaos is added, below net makes up your detailed to solve darling complementary feed add the between to allow you to be able to master. Add darling complementary just began below the will fluctuate in June in the child about circumstance between the that feed. Feed of milk of but darling is OK pure mother, want as far as possible again feed of pure mother milk, pure mother grows more between lacteal feed , to the child Yan Yue is more significant, a lot of nutrition composition in milk are darling complementary feed do not show those who go up. Have baby to the child at the beginning complementary below the circumstance that feed, want advertent nutrition prandial the supplement above, cannot eat some kind to feed capable person to the child independently quite,江苏工程建筑模板批发AD instead wants measurable promotion to feed material to ensure the child produces nutrient part. How to give baby complementary feed addIf want,give little baby complementary feed add, convenient the development with little stronger baby, still need to hold complementary eat additive kind. If complementary eat additive kind incorrect, in complementary feed additive condition to fall to give the issue with sundry very easily also, that moment also can cause various inconvenience. That Zuo , how to give baby complementary feed add? 1, to darling complementary feed additive condition it is OK to next wanting mature his month. Little baby the month is different human body grows development also is met different, engrave the darling that needs to answer considering promotion relativity here complementary feed, premature complementary feed add without doubt need not. It is not quite good to because get a word prematurely,digest absorption, give very easily to digest the issue with disorder absorption, instead has hidebound problem very ea建筑工程土石方施工许模板BFsily still, the time darling that had better add after 6 months. 2, complementary feed it is OK to add a type to want the particular case of mature little baby. Can have a kind of baby to the child complementary after feeding, watch check a few days, see little baby blend in this kind to feed capable person, if was blended in,promote many kinds to feed capable person again, ability is OK and clear how does it eat. 3, from rare arrive stiff. Complementary feed additive condition to if the child has not grown teething,fall, ought to want to be fed to the child after shedding the child such as the; feeding capable person that feed to grow a tooth, feed capable person to what the child imposes solid state again.

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