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After the female is pregnant, battalion nurturance divides absorbing is very crucial, because the fetal darling of this one link also needs nutrient part very, but conceive the lady between pregnancy to want mature oneself human body case will to be able to eat optionally a few feed capable person, the growth that prevents pair of embryo darling development can cause an effect, the nutrient part of soja and oneself of pork chop bone is more substantial also, becau建筑模板施工图片se this takes be good part to human body,潍坊长浦模板 does that Zuo soya bean stew chop pregnant woman to you can eat? Tie-in key is in the food of pregnant woman " fill " , filling zinc of amid filling calcium is first class important matter. As a result of high grade protein not only it is the essence with indispensable body, its Zuo is fetal darling skeleton grows a crucial essence of need. Consequently, pregnant woman can drink boiling water of soya bean chop, and soup of chop of constant drink soya bean is to have very auspicious place to pregnant woman and fetal darling. Besides, divide high grade protein beyond, there also are a lot of high quality egg whites in soja a few vitaminic, mineral etc, be pregnant metaphase embryo darling is rapid development process, drink soya bean chop the cerebra at fetal darlin

g person reachs Shang Gengyou benefit to grow medullarily development. But, eat too much soja to be able to be caused abdominal distension, because this suggests, pregnant mom had better be need not one-time drink boiling water of chop of overmuch soya bean, a week 2 sufficient already. Course of actionFood: Pig chop, soja, sesame-seed oil, salt, green, ginger, gourmet powderFlow: 1, pig big bone cleans;2, soja cleans make tea;3, turn on the water in boiler, put into; of pork chop bone4, big baked wheaten cake leaves, take out white foam, add; of ginger garlic, soja5, boil to pork chop bone crisp sodden need fluctuation; 40 minutes6, add salt, gourmet powder, have pot, irrigate on sesame-seed oil can be enjoyed. Course of action 2Food: Pig chop, soja, ginger, big jujube, saltFlow: 1, clear pork chop bone clean;2, in boiling water quick-boil is ironed, purify blood foam, obligate;3, pork chop bone, polyurethane epispastic soja and ginger are put into water together, big baked wheaten cake leaves, baked wheaten cake of lard one's speech with literary allusions boils 2 hour after, 4, hind add big jujube, stew 20 min临沂市双龙建筑模板厂utes again, when having pot, put into salt, condiment is OK. The battalion nurturance of soup of soya bean chop is dividedSoja more the nutrient composition that everybody is familiar with is to contain a lot of protein. According to examining, some protein are contained in the soja of every 500g, be equal to 1000g pig lean lean or the quantity of the protein that 1500g lays an egg or place of 6000Ml ox breast carries some. Soja still contains lecithin of calcic, phosphor, iron, Hu Luobo element, soja, trypsin to check the essence such as cholesterol of element, greenery and varied body are necessary carbohydrate, have very crucial nutrient composition effect to the body cell of the body. Often eat soya bean not only the immune function that can promote the body, and be had to heart head blood-vessel of the person safeguard effect, avoid arteriosclerosis. Besides, soja not only did not have cholesterol, still can reduce body cholesterol, reduce the generation of arteriosclerosis, have the effect that prevents heart disease. Consequently, the product of Utopian health care that soja is recommended strongly to be the disease such as sclerosis of appearance of precautionary coronary heart disease, hypertensive, aorta congee by nutrient expert. The material of pancreatin of a kind of curb still is contained in soja, it is right diabetic have certain effect. And pork chop bone can show activity of human body system indispensable protein food, human body is adipose. Besides, pork chop bone still contains albumen of a lot of calcium carbonate, ossein, bone to stick albumen to wait, can produce high grade protein for children and old people. Consequently, soup of soya bean chop is the nourishing soup with a nutrition more 出售建筑模板substantial part, often take be very good 建筑模块BApart to the body.

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