[eat yam to be able to answer a grandma] _ lactation _ affects -

In the light of pregnant woman character, need to have optional choose sex on dietary collocation, want especially a few more advertent generation of the meeting that feed capable person retreats a grandma, must careful. Yam nutrition use value is very high, can but yam eats between lactation,you retreat a grandma? This one problem is beardless and anxious, because pachyrhizus did not have the possibility that removes a grandma, and have a lot of nutrition elements, very appropriate also lady is taken between lactation. Natural, when eating yam, can not pass alertly even much. Food grains other than wheat and rice of pachyrhizus vest in, nutrient class status is

very high, the cassava starch that contains rich and colorful, prandial cellulose, Huluobo is element, vitaminic reach its a variety of 10 nutrition elements such as potassium, iron, copper, Selenium, calcium and fatty a建筑木模板厂cid, take between appropriate lactation, but want advertent and proper. The advantage of yam takes between lactation1, alleviate constipationBecause the duodenum when novice mom is pregnant is sufferred be oppressed, cause constipation very easily, and pachyrhizus contains chemical fiber, eat to be able to drive function of bowel of pregnant woman stomach, be helpful for improving the symptom that faces antenatal and the constipation that give birth to the child, recuperate of the need after adding pregnant woman to produce ag浩泰木业有限公司ain is fed fill, a lot of it is very建筑模板厂家直销RF easy to dine hot sex food, and long-term lie in bed, costive state is met more more serious, eat bit of sweet potato at the moment, can promote digest. 2, precautionary contagionPachyrhizus contains varied glycogen and methylic cellulose, not only composition of OK and compensatory nutrition, and have in the light of cancer avoid effect first-rately, pregnant woman eats yam to be able to have active and active effect in the light of contagion of the rehabilitate after pushing movables, precaution. 3, be good at taste is urged breedThe sugar that rich and colorful contains in pachyrhizus, albumen, methylic cellulose and a variety of nutrition elements, can be good at lienal raise a stomach, the pregnant woman that to the taste between lactation Xu Han, milk jams is very appropriate. 4, be helpful for postpartum rehabilitatePachyrhizus contains varied body place be sure to nutrient element, often feed pachyrhizus to be able to assist human body to discharge poisonous hairdressing to protect skin, be helpful for pregnant woman postpartum restore. When pregnant woman eats yam, can boil pachyrhizus instantly or thoroughly cook eat, still can make delicate and goluptious dish type dine with pachyrhizus and other edibles supplement. Advertent: Between lactation one-time need not eat too much, cause in case abdominal distension, need not eat the sweet potato that bake as far as possible, cause easy get angry very easily. The common problem of yam has between lactation1, pachyrhizus must be thoroughlied cook boil eat again fully, as a result of the cassava starch in pachyrhizus grain content does not have classics tall to destro工程木模板y, cannot digest absorb. 2, pachyrhizus contains a kind of element that fight mildew, this kind enzymatic system of steam of a lot of carbon dioxide is born very easily in the person's enteron, be like pachyrhizus overfeeding, can make a person abdominal distension, hiccup, put smelly fart. The ingredient of the volume that contain sugar of pachyrhizus is taller, eat much but excitant gastric juice a lot of metabolization, let a person feel " gastric heartburn " . Because the stomach is sufferred those who cross much gastric juice is excitant and furl promotion, gastric juice can take food upstream, generation turns over acerbity water. 3, supplement had better be when eating yam pickles of a bit turnip建筑模板的价格BS, but reasonable restrain hydrochloric acid in gastric juice. 4, in addition, the candy portion of pachyrhizus is much, human body is digested temporarily do not absorb, remain one part to stop to send alcohol very easily in intestines and stomach, make abdomen unwell feeling. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine learns to feel, dyspepsia of Yu of blood of wet block intestines and stomach, stagnation of the circulation of vital energy person Ying Shen eats sweet potato. 5, the inadequacy of the existence of pachyrhizus is lack albumen and human body are adipose, but everybody lives now good, already already not pachyrhizus as prandial, the nutrient element that it lacks can complement according to other food many sided thoroughly.

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