[recipe of Wu Ren moon cake] – of encyclopedia of practice of _ of the _ method that make

The Mid-autumn Festival, moon cake can say mid-autumn indispensable delicate and goluptious one of. Can see on sale market nowadays a lot of different phyletic moon cake and moon cake stuffing 建筑模板施工SLexpect mid-autumn. And as extensive pattern moon cake in, of more traditional pattern 5 benevolence moon cake, be not loved by everybody slowly however. Actually, make according to the hobby of oneself 5 benevolence moon cake, Zuo is very delicate and goluptious. That Zuo , does we all understand 5 benevolence is the secret recipe of moon cake what? 5 benevolence moon cake is one of our country Chinese pastry, china is saved each is to have part of course of action 5 benevolence moon cake, mid-autumn festival is sundry moon cake is medium mid-autumn more famous. It has condiment thin stuffing of distinctive, skin is much, delicious tastily, not brittle, be helpful for taking good character. This kind mid-autumn moon cake, submit bosomy form, the edge is roused a bit, grain and handwriting are clear, appearance is placed, not the 建筑模板帮价格KUskin is broken, not give oneself away, the edge is clear; Edge shows ivory white, hemline Gong Zong is lubricious; Mouthfeel pleasant is sweet, soft belt is crisp, varied fruit does aroma. Make 5 benevolence the raw material of moon cake is: Flesh of pink of paddle of candy of standard wheat flour, classy white saccharic, ripe rapeseed oil, animal oil, unripe egg, rose, candy, ripe standard, walnut, groundnut, filbert benevolence, Ma Ren, wash candied fruit of white sesame seed, wax gourd, . Got rid of pink of cake of orange of the Na Xingren in traditional pattern secret recipe, melon seeds, Chinese olive benevolence, candy, ripe polished glutinous rice (replace with ripe flour) , promoted wax gourd the use volume of confiture. Machining craft is configuration the candy paddle, panada that make a skin, make the stuffing, figuration that wrap a skin, outfit dish bake make, refrigeration assembles a car, it is finished products namely. 5 benevolence the defect inside moon cake chooses natural plant raw material more Er child, be like walnut the flesh, sweet red bean of moon cake of fruit of melon seeds of Ma Ren of almond, Bai Zhi, certain herbaceous plants wit

h big flowers, ha常规建筑木模板尺寸wkthorn, yoke, bare, jujube paste, have the effec装配式建筑设备模具t of health care of proper preserve one’s health to the body. Natural floral Er child contain not saturated and adipose tall, with be in the majority of fatty acid, fatty acid, to clear regulating blood condition tubal rubbish avoids arteriosclerosis advantageous; Contain mineral, be beneficial to enhance immune power, prevent teenager children zinc the defective, anaemia that be short of zinc. Kind of market of moon cake sale is varied mid-autumn, give the moon cake that do not have candy, extensive pattern moon cake, fresh fruit mid-autumn moon cake, coarse food grain mid-autumn moon cake, vegetarian meal bacterium of bacterium of moon cake, edible plants moon cake, bouquet mid-autumn mid-autumn mid-autumn moon cake, appropriate different group need. Zun Yidan tea is like when eating moon cake, can solve first fat, promote digest, can eat much food less second, add flavour to come add to the fun. Generally speaking, eat Xian Zhongqiu moon cake in order t木模板生产厂家o drink Wu Long had better, eat sweet mid-autumn moon cake with tea of drink flowers and plants advisable.

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