Welcome to Pokémon Sky An introduction.

Pokémon Sky is an ongoing Pokémon fanfic written by myself–Suikun–that tells the story of two twins on their Pokémon adventure in the region of Ouranos. The story is episodic–meaning each chapter makes up the equivalent of a Pokémon anime episode. The Story Excitement is buzzing throughout the region of Ouranos as the Pokémon Championships are kicking off a new […]

Volume One

The Night Thief Episode 1

Even those who disliked the Championships whispered about it. Hushed and quiet, the disgust in their voices hinted at something they would never admit to having: admiration. It was inescapable. When the posters went up, and the digital banners flashed across city streets and corners, when the billboards blinded the once dark and lonely mountain […]